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Erna's Hope I, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) public charity. Tax-deductible donations may be sent to:

Erna's Hope
c/o Ed Orlando, Treasurer
25 Brook Forest Path
Rochester, NY 14626

If you have received one of our Comfort Bags, we would very much like to hear your feedback and/or suggestions on any helpful items we might include. If you would like to participate in one of our fundraisers, make the bracelets, contribute items for our Comfort Bags (see the list below for typical items included), or have questions about our organization, please contact us:

An Amazon Wish List has been created as another way for supporters to contribute to the Erna's Hope Comfort Bags. Any items purchased will be shipped directly to Erna's Hope. Many of the items included in the Comfort Bags are listed below and are also available through our Amazon Wish List:

Typical Contents of an Erna's Hope "Comfort Bag"

Body lotion/cream
Lip balm
Toothpaste for sensitive teeth
Soft-bristle toothbrush
Dental floss
Teal-colored paisley square kerchief
Stress ball
Hard candies
Erna's Hope logo pen
SHARE Card with hotline number (1-800-622-4714)
Digital thermometer
Teal butterfly coffee mug
Erna's Hope bracelet
Puzzle books (Sudoku, word search, etc)
Date book
Small package of Kleenex
Small bottle of hand sanitizer
Note pad
"What Cancer Cannot Do" bookmark
Thelma's Boutique card with wig information (585-256-2460)
Erna Lewis' Letter of Support, written 5/25/05
Teal canvas tote bag with imprinted Erna's Hope logo

Kathleen Stellrecht, President
Shannon Vasko, Vice President
Rayann Ranzenbach, Secretary
Ed Orlando, Treasurer

Board of Directors
Shelly Knapp
Tarri Mundt
Joanna Newton
Susan Orlando
Norm Ranzenbach

Honorary Board Member, Scott Lewis