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CancerSEEK is a blood test designed to detect cancer by analyzing levels of proteins and mutations in cell-free DNA. The goal of this particular blood test is to assist in early detection, and therefore decrease cancer-related deaths, for ovarian, liver, stomach, pancreas, esophagus, colorectum, lung, and/or breast cancers. The results of a large trial using CancerSEEK were published in the January 18, 2018, issue of the prestigious journal Science (www. The trial included 1,005 patients who had previously been diagnosed with one of the above eight cancer types. The test correctly identified most cancers. The median for positive test results was 70%, and for the ovary, liver, stomach, pancreas, and esophagus cancers, the sensitivity ranged from 69% to 98%. Additionally, the test was able to narrow down the number of places where the cancer was located, with a median of 83%. When CancerSEEK was used on a control group of individuals without cancer, it produced only 7 false positives out of 812 tested. OCRFA's Scientific Advisory Committee Chair, Jeff Boyd, PhD, commented that this is "a very exciting proof-of-concept study using a novel technology," but that considerably more research would need to be done before this test could be validated for use in the general population.

The Ovarian Cancer Research Fund and Ovarian Cancer National Alliance, longtime friends and allies, announced a merger in January 2016 between the two organizations to form the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund Alliance. The merger will allow them to increase their impact in fighting ovarian cancer. More information can be found here:

An Amazon Wish List has been created with items for the Erna's Hope Comfort Bags that are donated to women who are newly diagnosed with ovarian and other gynecologic cancers. Any items purchased are shipped directly to us. To view some of the items included in the Comfort Bags and contribute to them through our Amazon Wish List, please visit Thank you!

Erna's Hope also has registered with the Amazon Smile Program. Once an individual registers with Amazon Smile and chooses Erna's Hope I as his or her charity, .5% of purchases that individual makes on will be credited to Erna's Hope. Here is a link with more information about the Amazon Smile Program:

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published a tool in May 2014 to help women assess their risk for breast and ovarian cancer. Two of the genes that can influence risk for breast cancer are BRCA1 and BRCA2. When one or both of them have a mutation (change), they increase your breast and ovarian cancer risk. The "Know:BRCA" online tool can help you learn about BRCA genes and assess your risk of having a BRCA mutation. Visit

Cleaning for a Reason Foundation is a nonprofit organization that assists women who are currently undergoing treatment for any kind of cancer. Each applicant will receive four complimentary professional home cleanings, one per month for four consecutive months. There are over 1,000 partnering maid services across the United States and Canada. More information can be found on their web site,

Dr. Oz teamed up with the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition to create an "Ovarian Cancer One-Sheet" to record possible ovarian cancer symptoms. The form can be printed, filled out, and taken to your physician to start a discussion on ovarian cancer.

2018 Erna's Hope Events:

  • Florence Brasser School Spring Craft Show, Gates Chili High School, One Spartan Way, Gates, NY, May 5, 10:00 am-3:00 pm

    2017 Erna's Hope Events:

  • Peter Kratz from K-LOVE Radio interviewed Kathleen Stellrecht, on air May 14

  • Kicking Cancer to the Curb with Metal, Pineapple Jack's Restaurant, Gates, NY, July 15

  • Ruth Boyd Ovarian Cancer Crusade Chicken BBQ, York, NY, September 17

  • St. Louis Church Knights of Columbus fundraiser, Denny's, Fairport, NY, September 27

  • Senator Joseph Robach's 10th Annual Women's Wellness Fair, Greece Ridge Mall, Greece, NY, September 30

  • Zarpentine Farm's Craft Show, Hilton, NY, September 30

  • Bryant & Stratton College Wellness Fair, Henrietta and Greece Campuses, October 17 and 19

  • Holy Ghost Church Holiday Bazaar, Gates, NY, November 11

  • Bishop Kearney Middle School Days of Service, Irondequoit, NY, November 20 and 21

  • Florence Brasser School Holiday Arts & Crafts Show, Chili, NY, December 2

  • Ovarian Cancer Ornament Sale, Dinosaur BBQ, Rochester, NY, December 5-25

    2016 Erna's Hope Events:

  • Senator Joseph Robach's 9th Annual Women's Wellness Fair, Greece Ridge Mall, Greece, NY, September 24

  • Second Annual Garden Factory Arts & Crafts Festival, The Garden Factory, 2126 Buffalo Road, Gates, NY, September 25

  • Aldersgate United Methodist Church Craft Show, 4115 Dewey Avenue, Greece, NY, October 15

  • Second Annual Community Christian Church Holiday Arts & Crafts Sale, 2647 Chili Avenue, Gates, NY, October 22

  • Trinity Alliance Church Craft Fair, 1275 Spencerport Road, Gates, NY, October 29

  • St. Padre Pio Chapel Christmas Bazaar, St. Padre Pio Chapel, 141 Frank DiMino Way, Gates, NY, November 6

  • Holy Ghost Holiday Bazaar, Nellis Hall at Holy Ghost Church, 250 Coldwater Road, Gates, NY, November 12

  • Florence Brasser Holiday Craft Show, Florence Brasser Elementary School, 1000 Chili Center Coldwater Road, Chili, NY, December 3

    For more information, please contact us at We welcome your support and participation!